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New Layout!
by KovaKomics

After some tinkering with HTML and CSS, I have the comic layout exactly how I want it! Well, I'll probably still tweak it in the future, but it's definitely more versatile now.

Virtual Madness Format
by KovaKomics

Hey folks! Welcome to Virtual Madness, my first comic, and the beginning of what I hope will be the first of many. My mission is to bring people comics focusing not only on appealing art, but on excellnce in storytelling--to the best of my time and ability of course.

Just so you guys know, this will not be a weekly comic, rather I will be releasing one scene per month, which will consist of anywhere between 3 - 6 pages at a time, depending on my free time and the efficiency of my workflow (which will keep increasing I hope). I have big plans for my comics, so I hope to gather many followers on my journey.